Small Victories Win the War

Disclaimer: I’m going to go ahead and warn you – a lot of the things you read here will have to do with food, weight loss, and my journey with a healthy lifestyle because a lot of the things I’ve learned in the past several years have stemmed from me learning about myself through this process.

Now that we got that out of the way – I want to. . .rant is a bad word for it. . .discuss with great emotion?. . . about the things that a lot of people don’t highlight during a weight loss journey. Maybe they don’t think it matters – or you don’t think it matters to other people, but oooh girl! these are my favorite things to report to my friends.

Its time that you celebrate even the smallest things you accomplish. First of all, I am a person who always finds a reason to celebrate – so if you need help in that department, holla at ya girl! Second of all, the small things will keep you going on the days where the big picture gets a little blurry.

Its more than fitting into old clothes or seeing the number on the scale go down- which is fab-YOU-lous, by the way.

Its being able to sit with my legs crossed again.

Its sitting in a chair and not having my hips bubble over each side.

Its accidentally opening the front camera on my phone and not being completely horrified by the number of chins.

Its seeing an “off guard” picture (which obviously cant be prepared for by contouring my body and hitting all the right angles) and not wanting to erase every pixel before Google can trace it.

Its randomly touching your flexed (but still a little jiggly) stomach every hour to feel your newly strengthened core.

Its a hopeful and joyous smile in the mirror before your shower each morning that has taken the spot of a frown.

Everyone has their thing – that thing that used to be one way & now that their life has changed is different, but they don’t think anyone really cares – or that anyone would really understand. But trust. I promise I do.

I get excited that I hit my hip bone on the corner of the stair rail – because it used to be hidden under so much of my college days that I wouldn’t have been able to feel it.

…or going to the bathroom and seeing a little booty pop.

I could go on forever, but you get the point.

You win the war with numerous small victories in the battles – so celebrate them. Pat yourself on the back – get a mani/pedi – purchase a book you’ve always wanted to read – do anything but go backward.